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Alaska Relay - Providing telecommunications or 25 years

Alaska Relay – Providing telecommunications or 25 years

Alaska Relay Program

What is Alaska Relay?

Alaska Relay provides landline telephone access for people with hearing loss or speech impairments through assistive devices like TTYs and Captioned telephones. ATLA is contracted to provide outreach for the program and support people in completing the applications to receive equipment through the Alaska Relay Equipment Distribution Program.

What is the Alaska Relay Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (TEDP)?

Alaska residents who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind or have a speech-impairment are eligible to receive TTY or Captel Captioned Phone equipment through the TEDP at no charge.

What equipment is available?

  • TTYs
  • Captel Captioned Telephones

What items do I need to be eligible?

The following items are needed:

  1.  Landline telephone access
  2.  Completed Application (click here for application or contact ATLA)
  3.  Copy of your Alaska Driver’s License or ID
  4.  Certification form signed by a professional documenting your hearing loss or speech impairment (click here for form or contact ATLA)

Completed applications can be sent to:

Alaska Relay
3330 Arctic Blvd., Suite 101
Anchorage, AK 99503
907-563-0699 (Fax)

If you need support completing the application, contact ATLA and a specialist will help you complete it and answer any questions you may have.

To learn more details about the Alaska Relay Program, visit Alaska Relay’s website today!

Alaska Relay is paid through a surcharge collected from customers of local exchange carriers in the State of Alaska  through Sprint Relay. Sprint Relay contracts with ATLA to provide the outreach and support consumers in completing applications for the TEDP.

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